10 on 10 | May 2015

10 pictures from our first day at the cabin since Thanksgiving last October.  Cabin opening is messy business, particularly when you are also building a deck and the sleeping cabin roof collapsed and you find 2 dead mice in the bread bin and nearly faint, but there is still so much beauty and fun in the chaos and mess.

Now please take the time to visit one of my very favourite people and her gorgeous photos here: Melissa Weicker.

10 on 10 | March 2015

  1. Shoulder ride
  2. Typical walk with Sam
  3. Morning glow
  4. Searching for beach treasures
  5. Cart wheelin'
  6. Car sick
  7. Winter swim
  8. Four square
  9. Love conquers all
  10. All the colours of the earth

Now please follow the circle and visit my beautiful and talented friend Rowe Timson here.  (I'm inviting myself to Bali one of these days!)

10 on 10 | February 2015

Getting ready and waiting for high tea at the Empress Hotel in Victoria, BC.   Me and my bestie and our beautiful girls.  

Please take the time and follow the circle by clicking here to see the amazing Janine Coveney's 10 on 10, way on the other side of the world.

10 on 10 | January 2015

I am so happy to continue my 10 on 10 project this year with some of my favourite peoples. Please click the link at the end to see the wonderful Maria Manco's 10 and 10.

Here are 10 from our New Year's day walk through Lighthouse Park.  We had a giant sleepover New Year's Eve after an eventful party and a very late night, yet we managed to get our butts out of bed, feed everyone and enjoy a walk in the trees with our gaggle of children.  It was perfect way to start the new year.

Now go visit the talented Maria Manco here and continue the circle.