52 Saturday Mornings | Week 7

"All you need is love"

Spent the perfect Valentines morning with my beautiful daughter, while the boys were skiing.  Leisurely morning with a book in bed, visit to our favourite beach, breakfast at De Dutch, trip to the bookstore (and the tennis store) and then to our very favourite stationery store in Granville Island.  

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52 Saturday Mornings | Week 6

Early morning, sleepy and rainy (but beautiful) car ride to ski school.   I couldn't pick one picture last night, so the first is the view looking ahead and the second is the view looking behind.  Car sick Will clutching his Timbits, OJ and barf bag.  To see the rest, visit here.

52 Saturday Mornings | Week 1

I am so excited to be involved in a few projects this year with some of the most amazing photographers.  The first one is a collective project called 52 Saturday Mornings…a photo each week, taken on Saturday morning.  We even have our own website here and an IG feed here.  If you'd like to play along and have the chance to have your Saturday morning featured, hashtag #52saturdaymornings.